50 x 50mm to 150 x 150mm

A mid-size feeder and distribution trunking that can be subdivided to carry power and data. Larger sizes can also accommodate wiring accessories.

Mono Plus 20
140 x 50mm

Mono Plus 20 is an economical and stylish three-compartment trunking, compact in size and designed to fit within areas that may have trunking height restrictions.

Raised floor boxes

​A high quality range of raised floor boxes to provide power and data to desks within the modern office environment. Available as standard or heavy duty versions, boxes are supplied with dividers for quick and easy configuration as either a 3 or 4 compartment box. Designed with quality in mind, the standard support plate is 3mm thick and allows for high traffic levels. In the case of very heavy traffic a robust steel sub-frame can be used to support the lid. The sub-frame doesn’t restrict space for wiring and accessories and also allows for fine adjustments to be made to accommodate uneven flooring.

Product information:

  • ​Each length of track comes complete with pre-assembled coupler, end cap and floor mounting brackets.
  • Maximum 63Amp rating
  • Tap-offs are key and colour coded for Standard and CE (Clean Earth)
  • Tap-offs are 32Amp rated or fused at 13Amp
  • Adhesive dust covers protect outlets
  • Compatible with MT32 pre-wired floor boxes


​A range of 63Amp powertrack complete with integral mounting brackets and pre-assembled end caps and couplers for ease of installation.

Power Poles Series 1

​PowerPoles are a practical and elegant solution for the management of power, data and communication services to island work stations.

Power Post Series 1

PowerPosts are a practical and elegant solution for the management of power, data and communication services to island work stations.

10 x 8mm to 38 x 38mm

Mini trunking is an economical feeder trunking system with easy accessibility for wiring and re-wiring.

Bench Trunking
105 x 105mm

Bench trunking is a robust angled trunking that can be mounted directly on to desks, work benches or fitted under shelving​

Product information:

  • Standard depth 83mm
  • Supplied with dividers to create 3 or 4 compartment box
  • Two earth fixing points for flexible positioning of sockets
  • 3mm thick medium load plate
  • Steel sub-frame option for heavy traffic and fine adjustment to allow for uneven flooring
  • Supplied with two snap-in cable retainers/guides
  • Grey trim as standard

Sterling Profile 1
167 x 50mm

​​Sterling Profile systems 1 to 3 are popular and stylish looking perimeter dado and skirting systems that are easy and cost effective to use. A firm favourite for many years due to its versatility, range of fittings and accessories and suitability for many different cable management installation needs.