• Supplies power to and controls a Quantec Addressable Call System.
  • Monitors all network devices and manages the routing and distribution of all calls.
  • Provides connections for network wiring, standby batteries, a laptop (for system programming), optional paging/DECT equipment, an optional printer or PC (to run Quantec’s QT707S Surveyor data management software).
  • Includes a library of 40 pre-set & 45 custom place names.
  • System setup requires a laptop PC running Quantec’s QT707 programming tools.
  • Can be semi-flush mounted using an QT385 bezel or fully-flushed using a BF359/3S stainless steel enclosure.
  • System wiring requires one or more QT603 network splitters.
  • Wiring should be made in a spine and limb arrangement using 1.5 to 2.5mm2 T&E (spines) and 4 to 8 core stranded security cable (limbs).


Easy Expansion


Rapid Resets



Our super-advanced ZFP 1-8 loop touchscreen-controlled fire panels represent a revolution in fire alarm technology. With a vast selection of panels, modules, controllers and ancillary 'A-Bus' PCBs available, creating your own ZFP experience is easy! Choose from three cabinet sizes, our pre-built off-the-shelf panels or build your own ZFP using our easy-to-use selection charts. Certified to EN54, its powerful programming tools allow systems to be configured to suit any application, from small 'one out all out' systems to large multi-loop networked systems.

Need to cover a room with multiple entrances? Up to eight flush or surface mountable remote status units, each with their own displays, manual release buttons and mode switches, can be connected to the EP203 control panel via a monitored RS485 bus. Cost-effective single gang economy status units are also available. With so much choice, C-TEC's EP Range is anything but your standard run-of-the-mill automatic extinguisher system.


Situated at the heart of every Quantec system, the Quantec Controller monitors all network devices, manages the routing and distribution of all calls and provides connections for network wiring, standby batteries, laptops (for system programming), paging and DECT telephone equipment, a printer and a PC (to run Quantec’s powerful Surveyor data management software).

  • Third-party certified to EN54-2/4 by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB).
  • Compatibility with Apollo’s XP95/Discovery protocol.
  • Two independently programmable conventional sounder circuits.
  • Two programmable inputs.
  • A fault output relay and three programmable relay outputs with voltage free changeover contacts.
  • A selection of zone dependency/coincidence functions.
  • A day/night (building occupied/unoccupied) function.
  • An investigation delay period function.
  • Phased evacuation facility.
  • An alarm counter that records how many times the panel has been in alarm state.
  • Powerful short circuit protected loop drivers, capable of supporting up to 40 loop powered 10mA sounders per loop.
  • An integral EN54-4/A2 switch mode power supply.
  • Adjustable contamination levels.
  • Earth fault monitoring.
  • Combined keypad / keyswitch entry to Access Levels 2 and 3.
  • 999 event monitoring.
  • An intuitive Windows based upload-download PC program.
  • Up to eight XFP main panels (any variant) can be connected onto a two-wire RS485 network. Alternatively, up to eight XFP repeaters can be connected to any non-networked main panel.
  • A feature-rich touchscreen-controlled addressable fire panel available with 2, 4, 6 or 8 Apollo XP95/Discovery compatible loop drivers (see Key Features section for a full list of ZFP features).
  • Multiple off-the-shelf variants or build your own panel using our ZFP selection charts.
  • Rapid loop learn, flexible cause & effects and powerful system diagnostics.
  • Hi-integrity fault-tolerant RS485 networking option allows up to 128 network nodes (64 main panels and 64 Compact Controllers).
  • Optional 'A-Bus' expansion PCBs, paging and graphic interface facilities.
  • Intuitive PC programming tools.
  • Standard and large sized ZFPs also available with 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 loops (1 loop in standard cabinet only).

Our SigTEL 4-64 line 'Compact' system comprises two wall-mounting master controllers (the ECU-4 and the ECU-8 which can handle 4 and 8 lines) and an eight-line expansion unit (the ECU-8S). Typically located in a building's control room or fire services access point, the ECU-4 and ECU-8 allow emergency personnel to communicate via a telephone-style handset with the system's 'outstations'.

  • Third-party certified to EN54 parts 2 and 4 by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) with optional EN54 part 13. compliance from the BSI.
  • Intuitive user-friendly interface with colour-coded buttons and combined keypad/keyswitch entry.
  • Manufactured by C-TEC in the UK.
  • Two detector zone circuits.
  • Four conventional sounder circuits.
  • Integral 1.5A EN54-4/A2 compliant switch mode PSU.
  • Wide range of engineering functions including zone test, coincidence, zone delay and non-latching zones.
  • Two on-board relays (Fire and Fault).
  • Two open-collector outputs (Remote and Reset).
  • 'Class change' and alert inputs.
  • Installer-friendly design.
  • Attractive flush or surface mountable plastic lid and enclosure - no bezel required.
  • Low 25mA quiescent current.
  • Multiple indicators.
  • System expansion connections provided for up to eight two-wire repeaters (one CFP761 network card required per system), optional CFP relay boards and optional EN54-13 compliant sounder circuit boards.
  • Space for two x 12V 3.3Ah VRLA batteries.
  • Fully compatible with C-TEC's ActiV range of conventional fire detectors.


C-TEC's stylish and cost-effective range of indicator panels. Choose from a selection of single zone, four to eight zone and 10 to 20 zone call controllers with expansion units and repeaters available for larger systems. Ideal for use in multi-zone accessible toilet alarm systems, changing room/interview room call systems, infrared panic attack systems and much, much more.

  • A single zone call controller c/w a 12V 250mA PSU and link-selectable Mute/Reset button.
  • Fully compatible with C-TEC's entire range of 800 Series Call System components.
  • Capable of indicating standard (constant tone) and emergency (intermittent tone) calls.
  • Power On and Alarm ‘CALLING’ LEDs.
  • Open collector output goes to 12V when the controller's onboard buzzer sounds.
  • Mounts on a standard UK 25mm double gang flush or surface back box.
  • Optional NC941B 0.3A battery battery backup kit also available.

C-TEC's market-leading EN54 certified XFP addressable fire panel offers optimum performance at a very competitive price. Available as a cost-effective single loop 16 zone panel in a plastic enclosure or a robust 1 or 2 loop 32 zone metal panel, it offers an array of user and installer-friendly features including powerful 500mA loop drivers, keypad AND keyswitch entry, two programmable conventional sounder circuits, multiple engineer facilities and the ability to interconnect up to eight XFP main panels or eight XFP repeaters onto a two wire RS485 network.

On the Pull

LPCB certified to EN54-2/4, C-TEC's CFP 2, 4, 8 zone conventional fire alarm panel offers an array of user and installer-friendly features at a very competitive price. Supplied in an attractive flush or surface mountable plastic enclosure, it includes two detector zones, four conventional sounder circuits, class change and alert inputs, on-board fire and fault relays and combined keypad/keyswitch entry. A wide range of engineering functions are also provided including selectable zone delays, coincidence and non-latching zone facilities. Comprehensive test and fault finding facilities are also provided. Optional repeaters, relay expansion boards and EN54-13 system compliance devices are also available.


Super Add-ons

With the growing emphasis on safeguarding property as well as people, the market for automatic fire suppression systems is booming. Comprising a third-party certified three zone automatic extinguisher panel and host of expansion ancillaries, C-TEC's EP Range has been specifically designed to meet this demand. Ideal for areas housing expensive, dangerous or irreplaceable items of equipment such as computer suites, libraries & art galleries, telecommunication centres, archive storage areas, chemical plants and generator rooms, it includes a wealth of features, many of which are not available on more expensive extinguishing equipment.


C-TEC's EP203 three-zone automatic extinguisher panel is LPCB certified to EN12094-1 and EN54-2/4. Featuring an intuitive 128 x 64 pixel graphic display that gives clear and concise feedback to user and installers, it includes six monitored inputs (including hold and abort), a time-stamped event log, adjustable flood times and changeover relays for fire, local fire, 1st stage active, 2nd stage active, extractor fan and fault. Elegantly-styled in a durable enclosure, the EP203 epitomises quality, durability and reliability.

  • Compatible with C-TEC’s entire range of 800 Series field devices.
  • Housed in an attractive flush mounting plastic enclosure measuring just 214mm x 178mm.
  • Two call levels - standard (constant tone) and emergency (intermittent tone).
  • Optional mute and call accept/reset buttons.
  • ‘Call Accept’ functionality allows staff to send an intermittent call acknowledgment signal to calling zones to confirm help is on the way (dependent on wiring and field devices used).
  • Includes a 12V 300mA PSU and 2 volt-free relay contacts which activate on a standard or emergency call.
  • Innovative slide-in labelling system.
  • Zones can be wired in 4 or 6 core (7/02) stranded security cable.
  • Additional master controllers and expansion units available for use as repeaters on larger sites.
  • Optional boxed PSUs c/w with space for a 12V VRLA battery available for sites where a standby battery facility is required.


  • Allows detailed reports on all aspects of a Quantec system’s call activity to be sent direct to a PC’s desktop.
  • Provides valuable information on call history, busiest shifts, staff response times and more. 
  • Allows management to take tighter control of their care facilities.
  • Ideal for evaluating staff performance, reviewing patient demands and determining labour levels/shift patterns.
  • Requires a PC running Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8.
  • Free software updates available at www.c-tec.com

C-TEC's cost-effective and easy-to-install SigTEL system is designed to meet the demand for BS 5839 Part 9 compliant disabled refuge, fire telephone and stadium marshaling systems. Current Building Regulations insist all new non-domestic buildings with more than one storey provide 'refuge' areas – safe places where people who cannot easily use fire escapes and evacuation lifts can call for assistance and wait until help arrives. SigTEL provides simple, effective two-way communication in these areas to assist rescue teams in determining where assistance is required and to reassure people help is on the way. It can also be used by trained personnel in sports stadia etc to help ensure the orderly evacuation of people in an emergency.